Goats & piglets?

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  1. I heard pigs love to eat other animals feces and since I dont like so many goatberries lying around their paddock shedding barbarpole eggs, Im thinking of buying a small feeder pig to put in with the goats. Ideally it could eat up all the pellets and get enough forage from the grass & roots. Ive heard mixed things about having pigs in with goats. Does anyone have experience with running these two together? Thanks!
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    Oct 14, 2008
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    Well, some people at our church had their goats in with their pot-bellied pigs. They kept having their chicks come up missing, but all their birds free-ranged so they figured predators. Then one day one of their kids saw a pig snatch a chick thru the fence. After that one of the goats kidded in the pen with the pigs, and they fed the after-birth to the pigs. She called me the next day and asked if I'd come over and look the kid over, then commented that the pigs had seemed really interested in the birth, and they fed afterbirth to them, etc. I told her to get momma and baby out of the pig pen ASAP, the pigs would be attracted to the blood that would discharge from momma after the birthing. They ran out to the barn, just in time to save the baby from the pigs, who were trying to corner it for a snack!

  3. lol so thats a big, fat NO to having them live together :wink:

    Maybe I can use them as a "clean up" and run them in the pens where the goats have just been. I have a 7-wire electric fence that should hold them in nicely. Heard pigs are terrified of a hot fence.
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    Running them in the pen AFTER the goats is wise, Pigs are a bit too agressive when it comes to food and territory.
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    Hotwire may or may not phase a pig. Right now I'm farm sitting for someone who has a boar who is 600lbs. They have 3ft hog panels to keep him penned in a large area with hotwire on top and bottom. They can't keep him from jumping the fence to get to his girlfriend even with the hotwire. He's huge so I don't know he manages getting over the fence.

    No, I would never keep my animal with pigs. They are "pigs" and like to eat everything living or dead.
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    I have one pot belly pig with my goats and have NEVER had a problem for 3 years I've had them together. They actually get along great. My piggy is a sweetheart though and loves belly rubs and what not, but i've never seen any agression toward the goats...even during feeding time. For some reason I though I remember hearing you shouldn't have pigs with goats because of worming and parasite issues between the species...but I haven't had a problem yet so figure it's fine. Mine are on about 10 acres though so they have lots of room.
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    I have raised orphan piglets and though they went to someone elses place once they were weaned I did keep 1 for my own freezer, at even 100# she was very aggressive with me and my goats...at 300# she went in the freezer because she was constantly trying to get to my goats, would even go after my cocker. Maybe each pig is different as far as personality, but I personally would not have a full size porker in with my mini goats. :wink:
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    My 30lb piglet from our own sow is MEAN. he tries to lunge at me when I go in there to feed. even my sow is a big pain in the rear sometimes.
  9. I have heard mixed things about this. However, the biggest things I have herd is your goats can catch things from the pigs etc in their water as pigs tend to lye in it and deficate but I do not have first hand knowledge of this.
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    imo pigs are amazingly clean animals, they only deficate and urinate in one area. and usually keep the places where they sleep dry and clean.

    but your right that they may pass something on.