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We are about to be go on our first road trip since getting our 2 Nigerian Dwarfs 4 months ago (a wether and doe). We will be gone 3 1/2 days. The goats pen that they sleep and stay in the first part of the morning when I do errands is a horse stall in an enclosed horse barn. They are used to being locked in this stall when we are not home (safety issue to make sure neighborhood dogs don't hassle them).

We are in Texas so no threat of freezing weather, however the weather will be cool enough to keep the north barn doors closed and the front open a little for light and air.

My mom and dad (who I trust most with my animals), will be coming once a day to let them out to graze a bit and feed/water them.

Will these guys be okay locked in their stall with a once-a-day check in? It will be 24 hours before my parents can make it over for the first check in. I have 2 feeders I can fill with hay, they'll temporarily get 1 feeding of alfalfa pellets since they'll be checked on only once. Is this okay for 2 ND goats?
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