Going to look a new babies nigerian dwarf tomorrow.

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    Hi, Im so excited im going to look at two baby bucks tomorrow. They are three days old and are being offered to me as bottle babies. How hard is it to bottle feed. How many times a day, and how much in each feeding? Im sorry for all the questions just want to get it right. I think Im going to buy both because they are being offered to me for a excellant price. So i cant waite it will seem like for ever to get through this day lol.

    Ok here is some of his mom and dads bloodline, let me know what you all think. Thanks

    Babies mom is Wood Bridge Farm Sugar, her sire is AGS Sugar Creek Mt Tell me more, and her dam is AGS Antiquity Oaks Teapot Dome.
    Sire's bloodlines is Sire AGS Gay-Mor Domino's Mantis, sires dam AGS Twin Creeks WB TAlk ABout Me

    Dam's bloodlines is Sire AGS Piddlin Acres Gelflynn, dam's dam is AGS TWin Creeks DJ Scandal.

    Babies dad's bloodlines is Sire Atwood Acres FT Cyclone, and Dam is AGs ATwood Acres LB Katie Did. Sire's Sire is AGS Twin Creeks BW FAthom This, Sire's Dam is AGS Caesar's Villa STS Serendipity. DAm's Sire is AGS Rosasharn's Little Bear, Dam's dam is AGS Blue Moon Acres Katie. They are being offered ADGA registerable. Thanks for any input.
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    For the first week they need to be fed every 2 hours. Then after that you can start cutting out bottles.

    I cant seem to find my list where I have the weeks and the bottle amounts :sigh:

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    Thanks for your information, I can use all I can get.
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    How exciting! Others can give more input on the bloodlines, but as far as I've heard those are "big" names in the Nigerian world.

    I have bottle fed before so I'll just tell you what I did. The first time, not knowing any better I fed my kid like a baby...I used whole milk, added a tsp of Karo syrup, heated it in the microwave. (NOTE: if you are feeding colostrum, you cannot heat that in the microwave, but your kids are older so that doesn't apply to you this time). The owner probably has them on a bottle already, so the hard part is over. They will go for the bottle easily now. I fed my first bb (bottle baby) 6 ounces, 5 times/day for a week and then increased the amount and reduced the # of feedings over the next few weeks I was feeding 8-10 ounces 4xday. This was a standard breed goat (Cashmere). This fall I had a Nigerian bb, I used the same basic "formula" with Lucky. But, I started with colostrum, at first 2-4 ounces per feeding with 5-6 feedings at first, and then increasing the amount and reducing the number of feedings per day.

    Feeding continues for 8+ weeks, I left my babies with the other goats so they would learn to eat "like a goat", ie hay, grain. Of course you have to protect them if the others are aggressive.

    Hope this helps some...you'll get more info soon! Good luck, can't wait for pics.!