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This morning, I would like to say a few words about my best friend.
Her name was Patience. Even though she was only 11 weeks and 3 days old, she had wormed her way into my heart. Mine was the first face she ever saw. And I was the first person to hold her. Her mother is traditional color and so is her father. But she just had to come out without a speck of white. She was the best goat that anyone could hope for. Always trying to jump onto my back to nibble the ends of my hair. Her favorite thing was a tractor tire that we would sit on together and she would get belly rubs and back scratches. She was supposed to be my show goat for this year. My grand champion. Her last day on this earth was spent fighting with all our might. But last night she went to the rainbow bridge, to wait for me. And when I see my Patience again, we will cross together into heaven, where there is no pain, and we will spend eternity together eating until our hearts are content.
Wait for me Patience, because I am waiting to see you.
I love you baby

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Very sorry
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