Goodbye Meg

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    May 9, 2008
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    Once upon a time a young 4-Her started showing goats. Having to get rid of her first wether was heartbreaking. She never wanted to go through that again. Then she found out a man she knew allowed people to borrow young does to show. Thankfully she was one of the ones he loaned out a doe to. "I haven't had a chance to tame her yet. I call her Wild Thing" he said. Indeed the goat was a handful it took quite a while to catch her and even then she was a handful. The man just shook his head and said "If you can't break her I'll let you borrow Libby." Libby was a beautiful doe and already broke but the little girl was determined to tame Wild Thing.

    Of course, she needed to redub the goat if she wanted to have any chance of gentling her. Meg. Despite her best efforts Meg never became a pet. She preferred goats to humans but learned to accept two leggers at least. She did well in the show ring and Meg and the girl came home with ribbons in weight classes and showmanship. Eventually Meg had to be returned to the man and the girl went on to show other goats but never forgot Meg. When the girl became older and started to build a herd of her own, she began to talk to the man who let her borrow Meg. He told her someone down the road bought her. The girl was able to see her Meg again-and what a lovely doe she had grown into. She had two kids at her side-a doe and a wether. The girl ended up buying the wether and was later given the doe. She went on about her life, though was secretly counting down to Meg's next kidding.

    Today the girl found out horrible news. Meg was dead, and her unborn kids as well.

    Goodbye Meg, my wild thing. You may not have cared much for me but I loved you dearly. I know John and Adrick miss you too. I'm taking good care of your daughter and I hope one day to give John and Adrick one of your granddaughters. I know they will love her as much as I would.

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    I am so ...sorry for the loss of Meg....she was beautiful..... :( :hug:

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    I'm so sorry :hug: Sounds like Meg had made a onderful impact on your life, her doe will carry on mama for many years to come :hug:
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    Sorry for the loss of very special Meg. They sure do grab hold of your heart in their own ways.
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    Oct 26, 2008
    what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing and I'm so sorry she's gone

    like they say, some animals walk through our lives without leaving an impact, others leave hoofprints on our heart ...
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    I am so sorry that she died prematurely. :hug:
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    May 9, 2008
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    Thanks everyone. I talked to Meg's owner today and it was very cathartic. He loved her a lot too.

    I couldn't help but laugh though when he told me after it happened he went to Robby's house (Meg's breeder) to talk to someone who would understand. He said after they puzzled over what happened he said to Robby "I don't know what I'm going to tell Tiffany." Robby said "I don't know either." Even if I didn't own her, they both knew she was my baby.

    It was just one of those freak things that happens sometimes and I guess that's what makes it harder. I'm still torn up about it but just talking to John today definitely made things easier to bear..
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    I cry every time I see a name here. I feel for ya hun.
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    That is so sad-it was beautifully written-what a tribute to Meg
  12. sweetgoats

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    I am sorry for your loss of Meg, but she is in greener pastures and free to run with her goat friends. She knows how much you loved her.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    I am so so so sorry for your loss!!! RIP Meg!! :hug: :grouphug: