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Thank you everyone! :D Im so excited,I tried to stay away from the barn for 20 mins earlier but I couldnt do it. lol My dad,brother,and boyfriend think I've gone nuts,and that Im in love with her. lol :wink: I most likely will be getting another doeling in spring,I think my moms going to pay half for that one as a Christmas present. :)

Her story: :lol:
She was tied to one of the football players' porches as a joke and they didnt want her,so they gave her to another football player who had goats,and they are getting rid of theirs so they were looking for a home for her,and my dad works with his dad,and is friends with a guy that went to look at her,but decided not to get her beacause he already has to many goats,so he told my dad about her since he knew Ive been wanting one,so when my dad went to work he asked the guy if she still needed a home. :) Shes even potty trained. :wink: It was about a half hour car ride and she layed down and when we got home got right out and peed in the grass,my dad was impressed with that. lol

GSFarm: Thank you. :D Right now, I just have horses,she got to meet them a little bit earlier and so far they all seem to get along, one of my horses is very curious about her,but shes not sure yet what to think of him. :wink:

There will be pictures as soon as I find some batteries and figure out how to put them on here.... :oops: :wink:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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