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Similar situation here except it was my wormy little wether that got the worst of it....
Vet gave him B12, charcoal, and aTUMs and told me to dose with the probios paste twice a day and TUMs 3 times aday til diahrea resolves (he is shooting out squirts). Ditto on the hay and browse is best, fresh water and some electrolytes if he will take it (am leaving town today but he got lots of treatment yesterday)....she also said I could give vitamin B subQ twice daily if he doesnt seem to be eating (he is up and eating though and not so much poo).....
Not sure how to tell how much he should be drinking....

(I just happened to put him in the car when I went to drop off his fecal to the Vet, and she took one look and said he is SICK, I did mention he had started with diahrea the night before...)....
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