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I agree...I recently had a break in as well..had some very sick ladies...C D Antitoxin is best along with Pepto for those with runs...or Milk of magensia if you do not have CD Antitoxin...I had one doe I almost lost, I treated her with both C D Antitoxin and MOM...she is doing great now...

C D Antitoxin is as follows.
kids under 6lbs give them 3ccs injected SQ every 12hours
kids 6-15lbs give them 5ccs injected SQ every 12 hours.
kids 15-20lbs: give them 10ccs injected SQ every 12 hours.
For adults- 80lb goat will get 20ccs injected SQ every 12 hours
MOM is 15 cc per 60# every 4-6 hours

Offer hay green leaves or feed until they are 100%
keep the hydrated
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