Got new info at Boer clinic today

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    I went to a Boer clinic today that hosted by a judge from Texas who was a president of the USBGA. It was interesting for sure. She talked about teeth, and at what point a kid will not improve physically much. She also mentioned that the Boer breeders have definitely come to the conclusion that good udder attachment is going to be very important soon and that a two teat confirmation is going to be considered "best." No more teat clusters.
    One interesting things she mentioned was that ear placement is important because if it is too close to the eye, it can actually scratch the eye conintuously- who'd a thought.
    She also said that copper bolusing was very imortant to goat health.
    And more- had to get up really early to get there but it was worth it.
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    Wow, that's neat!! Sounds like it was very informative!
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    Thanks for sharing that info! Sounds like you had a fun time.