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Got Snow?

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Prediction for tomorrow is two to four inches of snow across eastern Iowa, along with powerful winds which will produce blowing and drifting snow. Bad? yes, but it's not the worst that we have had thrown at us. Not compared to last saturday when we had fourty mile per hour winds and the snow became so highly drifted along the roads that I was unable to get home and had to stay over night at my brother's house. Nor can you compare it to the day that we receieved 12 to 14 inches of snow.

Basically the weather pattern is as follows. One strong winter snow storm each week, and several light snow falls throughout that same week.

We are nearing the winter snow fall record. I believe that the record was 77 inches of snow, and we have currently reached 55 inches. Or something very similar to that. This may well be the worst winter yet. We still have two or so months yet of winter weather in which to beat that current record ... and that's 'if' April finally brings spring showers.

*sigh* think green thoughts ...
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Does your area put out dangerous driving conditions warnings? If so, maybe you could make an arrangement with him before it snows that if a certain warning is given, you should be allowed to go home for safty sake? Then when it happens, he will be less likely to decide that his inconvience of the moment is more important than your safety.
Or ask him to drive you home in really bad weather if you are sure he is a good enough driver? Maybe the long scary drive home when he's not sure he can make it will prove enlightening?
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