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My husband says all the time "I hate goats" . I think most of it is because he always had to fix something or build something for them. The other reason is he hates how they head-butt each other.

Well today I walk outside and he has our 3 Smallest goats outside the fence giving them treats. Once caught, he admitted he liked those three goats lol! I think the goats are growing on him.

He does admit he loves the baby goats and will go outside and just lay in the fence letting the babies jump on him. He actually gets upset if one doesn't try to play on him lol! SILLY HUSBAND!!
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I think a lot of husbands secretly like the goats.
Lol, my Dad used to say he didn't like the goats but didn't mind them being here. Then at one point we talked about possibly re homing one doe next year to get different bloodlines and he flat out told us we couldn't. He says that's "his" goat now and she's the best of all the goats, so she has to say. :rolleyes:
HaHa :) :D
Silly men. Like we care if they like the goats haha
Yep same here. My hubby does not hate the goats hate just does not care for them like I do but when it comes to babies that ids another story. It I is just like any baby of anything.
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