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Grain to alfalda pellets

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I have always grained all my goats all yr just a little for everyone and more for my milkers I am starting to think about drying my girls off as I don't want to milk in winter or during breeding but I just don't feel good about not giving them any grain but was thinking I could give them alfalfa pellets right not we have great hay but this yr has been hard on hay crops so I know it won't last through the winter would a little alfalfa be good along with hay once I dry everyone up?
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sure - I always give alfalfa pellets, it really seems to keep them in good shape and it satisfies their need to eat something other then hay.
Would it be ok to give the pellets mixed with there grain in the winter even if they are already eating alfalfa?
Its all alfalfa. It wouldnt be a whole lot of the alfalfa pellets, just a little in there grain rations each day. I just want to make sure that it will be ok before i buy any.
You do need to be careful of your calcium to phosphorus ratio with their entire diet. You may want to consider something like shredded beet pulp instead.
Great thx!!! I always feel like I am starving them if i don't give grain so it will make me feel better also lol
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