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Gray streaks in fur

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I have noticed one of our goats Bo-Bo has gray streaks in fur. He has black fur but now turned rusty.
Is this a sign of copper and zinc deficiency? I have copper bolus but I haven’t given him for a while
because it is very hard to give him. He has a twin brother Luke. He seems doing okay. What are those gray streaks? I also have noticed Bo-Bo's back hair has been standing up. Thank you for reading this. Aloha form Hawaii.


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Looks like his undercoat is shedding. He definitely looks copper deficient to me. It could be zinc too.
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You might be surprised at what color he turns after you give him a copper bolus. All that reddish brown hair will probably turn a lovely black.

You can give the copper bolus a few different ways. You can either use a bolus or pill gun, you could hide the bolus in a treat, or you can open up the gel capsule and hide the wire particles in something he likes to eat. Most of mine will take the copper mixed into some applesauce. You do not need to fast the goat before giving the copper.
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I usually give it to mine every three months, but I know that's the amount of time I need to go between doses to keep them from being deficient. You should wait at least three months and see if he is still showing improvement and then dose again if he needs it. If he is improving at that three month mark then maybe wait another month and reassess.

Just another question, do you have loose mineral out free choice for your goats?
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Thank you very much. I am sorry for the delay. I needed to take my husband to a hospital. He had a surgery this morning. I gave all of our goats the copper bolus yesterday.

Yes. I have loose mineral out free choice and mineral blocks.I am just curious. What kind of loose mineral do you use?
No problem on the delay. I thought I was the one that didn't get back to you very quickly. :lolgoat:

I use Sweetlix Meat Maker goat minerals and I also use a mix from a local farmers cooperative.
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