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My goats have a dry lot with a small pasture that is mostly trees (they have devoured what they could reach). There is grass there, but the goats rarely go to eat it. They know there is a grazing walk coming up around 1 pm. Jeffrey the buck and leader gets tethered to a long rope and the others stay in the area. My job is to guard the shrubs that I would like to keep.
With this system we can switch spots all the time for fresh yummies.
Jeffrey the lawn mower.

Willow the happy adventurer.

Attack on the crabapple tree.

May is sticking to the grass (vertically challenged).

Even the chickens have caught on and look forward to free time.

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OMG! May looks like my goat Scarlett!
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You are right! She totally does!!

Very pretty goaties & chickies ya have darrrrr!
Thanks! 😊

Looks like fun. I love when mine stand on their back legs to nibble trees!
I think of it as stretching, and good exercise!

I love this idea and the pictures. Your animals must be very happy!
Thank you! 😃

Aww, they all look so happy. I especially love that last picture with Willow doing circus moves in the background. 😋

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Looks like goat PARTY to me..especially with the cluckers crashing it & photo bombing! Lol 🤪🐐🐐🐓🐓🥰
They look amazing!
Thanks! They certainly feel it is a party!!!

That Jeffrey is a good looking boy! Still learning my breeds - what kind is he?
Thank you! He is Nigerian Dwarf.

Wow, I love his glorious horns!!! Beautiful goats, all of them!
Thanks so much! 😃

Your goats look so happy! And Jeffrey is majestic. You grass is so lovely and green!
I think they are mostly happy. Unless it is raining and the party is cancelled. 😳
Thank you regarding Jeffrey. One day his copper will kick in too, and then he will turn gold again with a full tail.

So cute, especially short, round little May. 😊
I must admit, she is my favourite! :love:

What fun with the kids! (And chickens of course)
It’s the highlight of the day for 3 species!

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For the last 6 weeks we have done “lunch walks” through the bush every day, with all the goats running free. I was amazed by how far into the wilds the goats followed us.
My buck just came into rut, so now I needed more control again. Back to the yard. Jeffrey had to get used to being tied again.

Willow in her T-shirt, because she bites away at an itchy spot.

May had to accidentally on purpose go close by Jeffrey (he’s got his apron on). “What? Oh, I didn’t see you there...”

Breeding has to wait until November in this part of the world, unless one has a heated barn, which we don’t.

Can we have our treats now?

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