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Greetings from North East Texas (Longview/Hallsville)

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I'll introduce myself as requested in the forum announcements.

My name is Bill Plunkett and I live in Longview Texas - my property is in Harrison County North of Hallsville. I have 223 acres that I lovingly call Moccasin Creek Ranch but I have not yet started my goat activities but am in the planning stage.

I have no goat experience but we did raise registered Aberdeen Angus cattle (now just called Black Angus) when I was a kid about a 100 years ago (I'm 63).
I have the area picked out to fence off for my new goats but will be asking A LOT OF QUESTIONS about how to get started and properly care for my 4-leggeds and keep them happy. There are no other animals on the place except what is wild.

So when you see my name on a post, please be kind because I have no idea what I am doing yet. But my intention is to make at least a small profit and not just have a hobby - I expect it to be a business. But I guess the 1st thing I need to do is decide WHAT KIND of goats to raise - meat or fiber. Dairy is probably out because I don't wish to get into the health/inspection stuff.

So, thanks a lot for all your help in advance,
Bill Plunkett
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Welcome Bill! You know, you can always have a few dairy for your own consumption.
Lots of good info here, glad to have you with us.
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