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Groovy Grunder's Goats are Due!

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Wow...I usually post way earlier in the season than this. Just....Life.

Anyhoo, we have 4 does due to kid. 3 are first fresheners and one is an old pro. Here's the line-up:

On day 147 is FF Jasmine. She isn't huge, so I'm thinking she'll have 2 tiny twins or a single. We have a nasty, cold, wet, yucky snow/rain storm tomorrow, so I'll be sleeping with her in the basement tonight if she doesn't kid today. She's posty, ligs are pretty much gone. Udder is tight, but could be tighter. She is eating everything in sight!
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The other three does are a toss up. They are all due around next Wednesday, though I think Minnie will hold out until later since she's a big doe carrying mini babies!

Here's Claire. She's an F1 mini Lamancha FF bred to a Nigerian buck. Claire has the absolutely most gorgeously soft and wonderful fur of any goat I have ever known. She doesn't have wool like the other girls, just a luxurious, smooth, soft, long fur! I'm thinking triplets for her. She does have 2 breeding dates. The first would have her due in the middle of next week. The second date would have her due 3 weeks later. From her ligs and pooch, I'm thinking next week...

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Next is Minnie (aka "The other Jasmine"). She's a purebred LaMancha bred to a Nigerian buck for mini Minnies. ;-) We're actually hoping to get a buckling from her that we can breed to Claire next fall for F2s! (or would they be F3???) Minnie had a tough time adjusting to life on our Groovy farm with all our little goats. But now we can't imagine life without her. She's hilarious and affectionate and very smart. She'll probably be the last to kid this season...

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Our last preggo is my favorite doe, Annika Zappa. Annie is our veteran here at 10 years old. She had quads the past 2 years, but isn't quite as wide this time. I'm thinking triplets. Annie and I have been through alot together. This will probably be her last year breeding, so I'm excited to see what she'll have!

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Last and least, here are some pictures of our very silly Fresca. She is almost a year old and is NOT pregnant. (Hallelujah!) Fresca IS adorable and very spoiled. As some of you may recall, we lost her dam, Lola last fall. So this little brat is very special to us! She likes to be in the middle of anything that is going on and she NOT obedient. She gets put in "time out" quite often!!

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Aww they are so cute:inlove::inlove: Very beautiful girls(thumbup) Hope your kidding season goes well:) Good Luck!! Can't wait to see your little ones!!
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