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    Writing goat how to articles for eHow! I figured that I answer so many of the same questions all the time, I might as well have them all written so I can just point people to the answers. Here is a list of the articles I have written so far:
    How to Breed MiniNubians
    How to Feed a Baby Goat
    How to Understand the Percentages and Generations on a Mini-Dairy Goat
    How to Treat Dehydration in a Goat
    How to Know if Your Goat is Old Enough to Breed
    How to Get Great Tasting Goat (and Cow) Milk
    How to Get Great Pictures of Your Dairy Goat

    I'd appreciate it, if you like the articles, if you would rate them. :greengrin: Comments are also appreciated - there is a comment box at the bottom of each article.
    I continue to add articles, so if you would like to be notified when I publish a new article, you can click on the subscribe link under my avatar here: You can also see a complete list of all my eHow articles there.

    I hope these articles will really help a lot of people! Let me know what you think!
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    I really like your article on the mini-nubian breeding. My wife and I were kickin around the idea since we have both nigies and nubians and I really like the smaller goats. She asked a question the other day about their milk production.....Do they produce well/much as a dairy goat. And my question is do they have more meat than nigies?

  3. I really do think this is good. I wish I could get a friend of mine to do this with her meat breeds. She is so busy though? Who can tell...I am going to ask though.
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    you have done a very good job... putting it together....I love it....... :love: :wink: :greengrin:
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    Thanks everyone!

    Jason (aka. Thanatos), since the MiniNubians are smaller than the full size Nubians, they do not produce quite as much milk. Most of my does milk around 5-6 lbs per day. On average, they give more than an average ND and less than an average full size Nubian. Meat wise, it depends on the individual goat. Just like with Nigerians and Nubians there are different body types - some are more meaty and some are more dairy. Since they are larger than the Nigerian they will have more meat simply because they are larger.
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    your welcome........ :wink: :greengrin: