Guess what this is?

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    This is what I called my cousins Vet for last night. This "growth" popped up on my new donkey about 5 days ago. It's crusty but soft, doesn't appear to hurt her, I have felt it and put medicine on it and she's okay with it. It doesn't seem to bother her. There is leakage which shows on her legs but it hasn't bled profusely. IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0696.JPG
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    Wow! No one has a clue? okay, ya'll are no fun. It's a summer sore! I've never ever seen anything like this. The vet told me to worm her and then again in 2 weeks. She said to mix ivermection paste with neosporine/cortisone and put it on the sore. I was so scared it was a hernia and her guts were going to fall out. phew, this I can handle even though it's really gross looking.
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    May 21, 2017
    So.....I got chills reading that. Are you saying that is worms leaving her body? :eek::confused:
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    Yep, apparently they are trying to get to her stomach and the activity caused her to rub which caused the sore, which attracted the flies, which brought even more itching and yucky stuff....
    I'm kinda glad it's where it is, it seems to be draining well and unbelievably doesn't appear to hurt her. I sprayed it with betadine solution, let it dry and sprayed it with Silver Sol, let it dry and used the ivermectin paste to coat it. She just stood there like a dream. She's finally beginning to trust us and for those of us who have donkeys that is huge!
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    May 21, 2017
    Wow. Sweet girl sounds like she is being just wonderful. I am glad you were able to find out what it is.
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    Jun 26, 2017
    OK just for fun...I'm guessing it might be bacterial abcess and just for the sake of 'discussion': Corynebacterium ovis -- an innocuous form of diphtheria.
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    Might be an abscess if something is draining from it. Does it stink?

    Also consider a bot fly larvae.