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What is your thoughts?? :)

*i know she isn't set up right in that last pic ;) she was being a ham and this was her first ever time being set up :)


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I'm not great at conformation....I was wrong a lot at the last show I watched. But I think Hallie is beautiful.
Thank you :)

It's a learning thing :) I love to watch classes and mentally place them, depending on the judge I can do pretty well sometimes lol! Others not so much lol!
I tried with the Alpines and Lamanchas at the show on Monday. I was NEVER right about the Alpines...which is especially sad because I have one. The Lamanchas I did a little better. But the judges placed some better based on information I didn't have like ages... I watched one doe that didn't look great conformation wise but really excellent for her age, get placed above younger ones just because she was years older. I have a lot to learn.

And I watched the does all licking each other and the fencing and it freaked me out a little. Watching goats from a herd that is tested and clean, licking on a herd that is suspect.
Was Cliff of Longvu there?

Yah.. Age plays a part most times...

Yah.. I always have my pen separate and put tarps up along with sanitizing the pen... We now have our own pen to bring with us... And a tarp to lay on the ground of our pen...
maybe....the name is familiar but I wasn't paying too much attention since we don't have Lamanchas and planning on getting into them. I really wanted to see the Oberhasli class but we had to leave just before they started :(

No one there had pens separated and then they all had to leave goats for the full 9 days of the fair. I don't even know how any goats come back healthy.
He is one of the bigger LaMancha breeders in NE :)
Awe that's a bummer!!

A good immune system :shrug: l always am one of the few that takes those extra steps..
But, you also get to know people and their herds so you know who you can feel 'safe' near ;)
I think she needs more depth :laugh: I'm not saying more than that.. Lacie made me feel bad last time I judged... I don't think I got it wrong this time :lol:
She does, but I think she makes up for it in her length! ROFL!
She sure is! And the funny thing is she looks even LONGER in person! Lol!
She's very nice! Looks like she could use more depth and brisket. But GOSH look at that LENGTH. She's going to do nice for you. :)
Thanks Danielle :) Lol! That's about the first thing I said when Laura took her out! "Gosh she's so long! And big!" She is the same size as Promise already! But Promise was a runt so she has an excuse ;) lol!
And I knew due to Hallie's lines she would be bigger then Promise.. :) Cliff's goats look smaller then those with the Kastdemur's lines :)
She is beautiful-very feminine
Thank you :D
I can't wait to see her in the shows!
LOL!! :D
I was just gonna say wait till you see her in person! :) lol!
My mom doesn't want to show Jr's any more, but I *think* we will show them at New Boston cause it's close and I don't need a HC.. I'll bring the older gals with me to the other shows :)
After how long and hot and miserable New Boston was this year, I can't say I blame her! But we'll just bring our bathing suits this year, cool off between Sr. and Jr. classes and we'll all be refreshed and ready to continue!
Yep :) I don't handle the heat well and just about passed out at the Sunny Sisters show so that's why she said it I think :) but she didn't quite say no when I asked about New Boston lol!

Oh she said she was gonna be over there before the Sr does even ended lol!!
Maybe I should ask Cliff if I can "borrow" his Longvu (sp) name
for Hallie ? :p;):D
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