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I say at the least you need a collar. If your goat is lead trained well...a collar may be all you need. You always want to tie with a collar NEVER TIE WITH A HALTER. I use the plastic chain with a breakaway link in the field. Mine are all dehorned but they can get caught on a branch, fence...who knows... my guys seem to loose theirs every once in awhile and I like to have something to grab hold of if needed. I usually use the size smaller of the break away link than the chain and it makes it easier to break away. Oh and get bright colors...try fining a black one that has fallen off in the field somewhere...I even have trouble finding red in the 6 inch tall grass. I use the 1" dog collars when traveling and hiking. I like the black plastic quick release kind. If they get want to be able to get it off quick. This is what you would tie your goat with when traveling, high line, low line or just tied anywere. I take these off when they go back to the pasture. If your goat is lead trained well this may be all that you need. I like to use a halter when leading. My boys are a bit head strong when the grass is really green over there :D I feel like I have better control. I like the rope halters best too.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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