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My hubby had raised goats before and so had I. I lived in Indiana most of my life and moved to Arkansas a few years ago. I had horses and no goats. He had a goat he used to show and sold him after that year and then he was done with them. I got 2 goats last may for my birthday from him. We went to TSC to buy some feed for them and saw a lady there that had helped my hubby with his goat in FFA. I got to meet her and DJ told me all about her and how he had met her. About a month later, I email her asking her if she could tag one of my goats because I was going to show him. She told me that she would and told me to take him to her house. I got there and she tagged him and I put him back in the trailer and went to look at her goats...she had over 300 at that time and they were everywhere!!!! When I went home, I was talking to DJ and he told me that he couldn't wait until our goats kidded. Later last year, I went back to her house to get some goats tagged and banded and I looked around more and he looked with us. She looked at my Hubby and said, "Did you think you would ever be raising goats again?" He told her no. I didn't think I would be raising goats again either but here I am now!!!! I love them and I would go crazy without them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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