Happy Birthday pelicanacresMN

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    Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
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    Happy Birthday Karen :cake: :balloons: :stars:
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    Happy Birthday Week!! LOL

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    thanks everyone! we were in kentucky, tennessee & even part of georgia this past Friday through Wednesday. We were at Lookout Mountain & went to Ruby Falls (beautiful cave that leads to a big underground waterfall), Incline Railway (the worlds steepest passenger railway), Rock City (beautiful rock formations, swinging rope bridge, Lovers Leap). I was all suited up & ready to go hang gliding with my instructor...then the person in front of us crashed! He ended up crashing fast into the only building that had a deck--which was a good thing because his hang glider hit the post but his body missed all solid objects--he turned out to be ok. So then they decided to stop all further flights until the evening when the wind dies down...but we were heading to Kentucky that day & had to get a refund so no hang gliding for me :( We then went to Lost River Cavern & rode a boat into the cave. We finished up our trip with zip-lining through the Kentucky forest canopy! It was great & everyone so was friendly everywhere we went. It's great to be back home now--although I was really liking the hot temperatures & sunshine down there!