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The Girls:

We have two adorable Nubian ladies..born 2-21 disbudded, registered
Happy Bleats Reba and Sabrina
One solid black non registered Lamancha doe born 2-28

The boys all Feb babies
two Nubian boys..both registered, disbudded
*Happy Bleats Black Tie Event Proud Romey..solid black with frosty ears and nose
*Happy Bleats Mighty Thor
brown with pretty swirls and high lights
Happy Bleats Thundering Roy...Reg. and disbudded..(my avatar)
Happy Bleats Ottis..Black and white..reg. and disbudded
Happy Bleats Charles...Black with brown moon spots..Reg. And disbudded
Geronomo...Disbudded, Pure bred, Unregistered Black with brown high lights..
Elisha..Disbudded,Pure bred, Unregistered, tan with plenty of high lights...
Happy Bleats Dimitri: reg. Disbudded
Happy Bleats Tucker: reg. Disbudded
And then there is Happy Bleats Ted...Red. Experiamental Saanen/Nubian cross..Disbudded..My favorite..he is a good looking cross..

Meet them all at Thanks for looking
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