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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Well it has happen they are findly getting a long. A few days ago I took Dude out for the first tiem since he was born to say hiya to his birth Mommy Penny and desided to get Pan out to see what was going to happen if I had them together again. Pan and Dude are getting a long and also playing with each other. I only got this picture of the two of them together cause stupid me forgot my camera. A freind of mine took this on her phone. You ca also see the differance in the size of my babies. Dude is still tiny but his older brother is now protective of his little brother. He made sure the other goat did not come anywhere near him. Dude got cold so I put him in my coat.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    awe! Very nice picture :greengrin:

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