hard lump on upper jaw, like hard small marble

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    Apr 20, 2013
    Sunshine, 4 and a half month old wether goat, has a hard lump that is like a small round marble near where his top molar would be. It was swollen larger, we put ice on it and it went down, then it came back in a couple of weeks. We are watching it, so far is has stayed the same small hard marble size. Wondering if a molar is coming in. I spoke to a vet and she said just to watch it at this point. There are no goat vets that will come to see the goat and the nearest goat vet is a bit far. Plus, he is not really my goat, I take care of him on a horse rescue ranch, along with one other goat. So, I am not allowed to make any decisions on my own because there is a board of people, none of them into goats, all into horses, that make the decisions, even if they will spend the money on a vet. So, if anyone has any experience on what a tooth coming in might look like, or if you know anything about such lumps, please post. Thank You, Goatiji
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    Strange that is responded to icing, sounds like injury, but yet re-appeared? I would say insect bite, but if it came back it has to be something else.

    Tooth abscess, sticker, are you able to look into the mouth?
    Is it inside or outside with the lump?
    Is it attached or can it be freely moved around?

    Can you get pics?

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    I have a friend who has the same thing on her doe about the same age as well..so it could be a tooth coming in : ) ...I went over an examined the doe...found nothing foriegn, no bad tooth...we elected to leave it and watch and it has not changed or interfered with eating...I would look closely and be sure there is nothing stuck or abscess then I would just keep watch, be sure he is eating and no fever...
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    Apr 20, 2013
    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your replies. I will get back to you. Trying to get permission to have the only vet come out that is leaving in July, so then no vet in area that does goats.