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Hay storage

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Around here, the best deal on decent hay involves those big rectangular bales, or round bales. Smaller bales are pretty pricey.

What is the best way to store hay that will take a while to be consumed? We do have some pallets used for stacks of cement blocks and cement bags, so we can use those to keep it off the ground. Would I be better either finding a place for them to eat it free choice, put it in the garage, or put it outside with a tarp over it? Or some fourth option I haven't thought of, that works for someone here....
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If you can put it in a building or shed, like the garage would be ideal. However, tarping works great. I don't have a storage shed for my hay so just tarp it every year. Works fine. :thumb:
Tarps don't work very well in Wyoming because of the wind. The whipping action caused by the wind will crack the tarp and also cause the hay to rub holes in it - both of which causes leaks. You would be farther ahead to store it in a barn or shed if at all possible.
This is pretty much what I told my husband. I just wanted to get some input before I set firm on it. We are thinking about processing all our chickens, since no one has laid since august, completely scrubbing the chicken house out, and using it to store our hay and our milking stand (12 x 12 room on one end of the barn).
I use a Costco garage tent for my large bales..up on pallets with a tarp layed over too... The tents tend to drip with temp changes...
I think it would be better to put it in a shed or garage. We have a big loft in our barn that we store hay in:)
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