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    Feb 6, 2013
    After 3 long years and lots of shows, my wether finally got 3 points and can head to the MGR Nationals this fall!!! He needs 12 total to become a "Platinum" wether, but he is considered a "Bronze" level! This guy is such a ham and is a great ambassador of the Myotonic breed, he loves everyone and is a dream to handle. I am so proud of him! Below is my little guy as a baby and him winning his 2 points this year. The one with the red background is today's. Oh and a perfect way to celebrate my birthday!!!! FB_IMG_1559183040229-01.jpeg FB_IMG_1558287253216-01.jpeg 20190601_133320.jpeg 20190531_164814.jpeg
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    Great! Congratulations!

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    Feb 18, 2017
    Aww! What handsome guy! Especially love his hat:lolgoat: That is so awesome! Good luck!

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    Nice guy! But one thing here is totally beyond me: You win prizes with a wether. Females would be interested in marrying him. But how ...

    I guess some things just will remain un-understandible to an old breeder like me. Very nice pictures, though! :) And congratulations to a very nice friend! :inlove:
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    Congratulations and happy birthday
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