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  1. So I was coming home from work this afternoon, and Checking on the goats on the way up the drive when I see Liza just laying there. Head straight flat out on the ground, in the middle of the path to the water trough, in the snow??? So I hollar Liza, every one else is yelling at me, and I'm starting to get a little worried. So I get out, walk up, afraid to touch her, Liza??? So then I gently touch her, she's warm and not hard. Ok thats good. Gently shake her Liza??? nothing, again gently shake her a little harder, Liza! She barely moved. Oh crap I'm thinking she's sick and I'm broke, what am I gonna do??? Liza!!!! get up!! She stands up takes a little shake and looks at me like WHAT????
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I don't think my children ever scared me like that??? Holy cow. If my kids don't take ten years off the goats will! GEEZZ :GAAH:
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    Happens all the time with me...I think they do it on purpose to get back at us for something!

    So glad shes ok!

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    What a bad goat! Lol.

    I had a scare the other day with an old horse of ours. I went out to the pasture to check on the horses and he was laying flat on his side with snow on the ground, i'm thinking, crap, the poor guy must be dead or dieing...I mean he's pretty old. Anywho, walk out there, I see him twitching, ok, thank goodness he's ok, then I see him kicking his legs like he is trying to run, but he had his eyes shut. I looked down and pet him and was like, Mack? Buddy? You ok? And was rubbing his head. He opens his eyes, sits up, and then gets up and does a big shake and looks at me, like what are you looking at? Gosh darn it Mack! He was completely fine, I think he must have been dreaming. Lol But boy, these animals can really scare you sometimes!!
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    Ugh! Bad goat!

    I don't think any of them have scared me that bad before, I would have peed my pants!

    So glad she is ok
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    We had one do that to us in Nov when it first started to get really cold here, found her flat out on her side, didnt want to get up. Carried her up to our other barn with heat, about as soon as she was inside she got up looked around like cool now im with the boys...She pulled it three or four more times after that, til I quit reacting to it...now she's just another one of the goaaats again.
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    OMG I would have scalded her and told her BAD GOAT DON"T SCARE MAMA LIKE THAT ANY MORE!!!! Seriously, I worry about them so much I would have had a meltdown! So I am so sorry your girl gave you a scare like that!

    This morning I went out to let my doe who is due to kid out for the day, and the whether wasn't out to greet me. He is ALWAYS out there pushing his way to the gate because he's a pain in the butt <LOL>, nope not this morning. I go into the barn addition we're making and he's sleeping in 'his' corner. Silly boy! Of course he was up and out the second I left so he could see every move I made and see if it involved good...LOL
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    Here's my heart attack of the season. I came home tonight and first thing looked out at the herd. All seemed well so I unloaded groceries and so on. Went to the barn and everyone was telling me that they were about to starve. So they all got there dinner. The wife went and got the horses from the back pasture and fed tham as well. As we were about to leave Rodney the 5 month old wether that is Cody's penmate made the weirdest yell. Amy, my wife, said that didn't sound good so I went and checked. Cody had gotten his horn under Rodneys collar and flipped him over, twisting his collar way to tight. By the time I got over the fence grabbed the knucklehead and flipped Rodney back over he was barely breathing. A few more minutes and all was back to normal. I scolded Cody by telling him "No" but I don't think he listened. I took Rodney and placed him with the little girls. He seemed much happier with his sister then with mean old Cody.

    It just might stay that way for a while.

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    I had almost the exact same thing happen to me the other day! So glad your girl is ok! :hug:

    I went out to feed and my one doe must have rolled and she was stuck on her back, feet up in the air, and neck stretched out. I was freaking, but once I got her up she was completely fine..... She gave me the same WHAT look.

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    Oh my.... :shocked: that would of freaked me out as well.... :hug:
  10. haha!! Well I knew I wasn't the only one, but gosh I didn't think they did it THAT often???
    Glad you and yours are safe too!! And Thankyou!
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    That is exactly why I don't use collars. I buy those plastic chains from the feed store. You have to buy little connecting links, then cut the chains down to the size you want. They are great on the goats, and if they get stuck on something they break away. And they are cheaper than collars anyways.
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    How dare you wake her from that god dream she was having. LOL :ROFL:

    I bet she was as mad at you as you were her.
  13. Probably! She was sleeping sooooooo hard! Growin them babies foe me! :wink:
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    Flurri was laying on her side, completely flat out, not moving. I yelled at her from the window and she never moved so I went outside, door slamming behind, she never moved. I went out to the fence and still she didn't move and I couldn't see her breathing....that's when I started to panic...I went in the pen and went up to her and she got up yawned and walked off....with an annoyed look on her face.
    They just love to give us heart attacks!!
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    LOL, I have had that happen twice with two different goats :D