Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Press

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    My hubby makes these and we often sell them on ebay.

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    We struggled with purchased cheese presses and found them difficult to use and not sturdy at all. So, Dan, being the perfectionist he is, decided to make one. We've been using ours for a few years now and love it.

    Cost is $145 including priority shipping. (We sell them for $158 on ebay)
    Paypal or a check is ok. If you send a check, I have to wait 10 days before mailing out the press.

    Made of Stainless Steel

    Our press is easy to use, easy to clean and presses 0 to 60 pounds.

    Mold cylinder is made of 20 gauge stainless steel and flexes open for for those "hard to slide out" rounds.

    2 to 3 gallon batch capacity

    The cylinder is 6" x 4 1/2". We usually use 2 gallons of milk per batch.

    Holes in cylinder and bottom stand for excellent draining.

    16 gauge stainless steel is used for the body of the press and disks.

    Metal disks to sandwich in the cheese for better pressing and to keep the wood followers free of whey.

    Four maple followers and 2 stainless steel followers included.

    The five-star knobs are high quality polypropylene.

    A hand drawn diagram and hand printed instructions on how to use the cheese press are included.

    Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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    That looks nice, I cannot but as I am in the UK,but would be interested to see pictures of them in use, looks really interesting