Hello Everyone from Western Kentucky!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by faith123, Jun 19, 2015.

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    I actually joined TGS a couple years ago when I was just in the planning stages of my goat dream. My husband was ending 30 years in the Marine Corps and I had already served 11 years in the Marine Corps. We were stationed at Camp Pendleton in California while we were renting out our farm in Kentucky. Both of us are disabled combat veterans.
    Fast forward two years. We have now been living on our farm for a year. I have a small herd of gorgeous chubby registered Kinder goats which I purchased from Lisa of KinderKorner in Illinois. I believe she and her daughter are or were members here too. I also have turkeys and chickens. The farm has been great for my husband and I - especially for my husband. Lots of work but I love it.
    We have a daughter attending Drexel University and we have a son with Down Syndrome who also loves the farm. Someone forgot to tell him he has Down Syndrome. Surprisingly, he has claimed our buck as his goat. The buck we got from Lisa of KinderKorner is actually very sweet. Our son has been been able to take him on walks on the farm and he is actually very patient with our son. Our son is never ever left alone with our Buck or any of the goats no matter how sweet and Dad of course, attaches a secondary leash with our son. As to going on walks with our buck, that of course will change as the girls come in heat as our buck's demeanor will change too but I do have some wonderful goats. Thank you Lisa!
    Anyway hello to all!
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    Goats are addicting, LOL. Welcome back. :)
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    Welcome back & thank you both for your service!
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    Thank you all. I look forward to participating here!
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    Welcome! I'm your neighbor lol I'm in Fairdealing/Olive