Hello Everyone! New to goats, kindof a crash course

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by KLSpoultry, Dec 15, 2008.

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    Dec 14, 2008
    Hello again!

    My name is Rebecca and I just got my first goats on Saturday. I got two bred Pygmy cross does whom i've named Spice and Lipstick. I think they're beautiful girls. The place we got them from didn't look the greatest and the girls have rough coats and one of them seems pretty skinny. They did have some dead mites on them, so I have dusted them. The people we got them from said they had just wormed them 2 months ago, so I did not worm them. One of the girls is due to kid anytime. The lady we got them from said that she was overdue when we picked her up on Saturday. The girls are inside the heated(above freezing) barn in a 12x10 horse stall with 4-6 inches of bedding, some hay where they like to sleep and a heat lamp on them. They have a hay bag full of excellent quality grass hay, full water bucket, mineral block (cant find loose goat minerals) and baking soda. I've also been giving them each 1/4 scoop of goat feed twice a day. I've also found that Spice adores Christmas cookies (sugar cookies painted with food coloring/egg mixture).

    Here's my girls (Spice on left and Lipstick on the right):

    Lipstick has been acting like she's in labor since the night we brought her home. She has amber goo hanging from her vulva, her vulva is HUGE and slightly open, she acted like she was having contractions last night. Now she seems to be normal, eating more and being more personable. What's her deal??

    Also, the girls aren't the tamest goats ever. They will come up to me and let me pet them if I have treats or goat feed. But I have to hold them by their collar if I want to do anything more than petting. Any advice?
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    yup crash course for sure. Do you have any experience with breeding animals? Yes she does sound close. when the lady said overdue did she say what day she was on? like 155 or something?

    I suggest if you havent already check over the kidding koral and any reference phootage of kiddings and any other information pertinant to what is needed for kiddings.

    I like to have old clothes available to jump into as well as TONS of old towels, a suction bolb for getting birthing fluids out of the kids mouth or nose.

    here is a link to the Kidding Koral viewforum.php?f=16 the first couple threads are of kidding pictures or video as well as one for numbers to members on here who are willing to lend out their phonenumber if you need to call for assistance. I have done that a couple times....so helpful to even a "veterian" like me as I forget when I am stressed

    Welcome to TGS and to the world of goats :greengrin:

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    Well I already did the welcome on the other post. I also wanted to tell you that you will see her bag (usually) like triple before she kids,.