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Guess I should of introduced myself back in October when I joined. Please accept my apology but jumping right in was really easy with folks like you.
I am in northern Mississippi. I am a nurse by trade and have always enjoyed rescuing and helping critters, mostly wildlife but anything that needed me, I took it in.
We have recently acquired a herd of goats. They have been under our care since summer. They are of many sorts I may add, from Nubians to Alpines, to little dwarf Nigerians, some are even papered. The person that left them with us never came back for them. The many phone calls and many excuses just got old. He does not even come by to see them let alone pay for feed or any medical necessities they may need.
I had to do a lot of reading, and QUICK. I had sick goats and even though I'm a nurse and have experience with other animals, goats I did not. I was able to save some and with the help of this forum. I learned a lot just from reading and tried so many of y'all's remedies and let me tell you, you saved some goats here in Mississippi. I made these goats my family. I am buying their feed, built them a shelter, love on them, bottle feed the babies,etc. they became a wonderful part of my life. Then the tragedy came.

Something got some of our babies and that's when I decided enough was enough. Sparing the sad and never forgetting details, my heart was broken. To even write this I'm tearing up because I work so hard to keep these lovely creatures healthy and happy knowing they were just left here! I got mad! I love my little goats, and yes , I say MY because I am the one buying their feed, their medicines, their booster shots, and spending everyday with them making sure they are taken care of the way they deserve to be!! I have adopted them so I built them a shelter made of pallets, which they love very much!!

I am not giving up. The phone calls to the guy that left them? I gave up on that! If he would like to come one day and see about taking them, well let's just put it this way, I'm saving my receipts!
I dont know how I have become in this situation but I am. God puts us in situations for a reason and I'm here. I'm here now and I have new little lives to love and care for.... And I have you and this forum to thank so much for not only your kindness but your knowledge and understanding.

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for all your help on this wonderful forum!

Wendy Lou

North Mississippi
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