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    Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know a bit about me and my goats.

    I live in New York and currently own 5 goats (although that number should be increasing in the next few weeks :) ) I bought my first goat four years ago at a local auction and brought her home, much to the suprise of my parents. Her name is Snowbell (although I call her Goaty-Goat most of the time), and she looks like a Saanen. The next year I added a Togg to my herd, Dandelion, and last year I added a Nubian doe, Black-Eyed Susan, and buck, Snoopy. Our newest member was born, curteousy of Dandelion, last Thursday, and her name is Lynx. I also owned two Pygmy/Saanen bucks (father and son), and, for a short while last year, a Saanen buck.

    I am starting to look at getting my Nubian doe and Togg registered with ADGA, since my Nubian buck is already registered, and wanted to learn more about goats in general and this kind of new world of registered animals. (That said, my favorite girl is Goaty-Goat, the $16 special :love: )

    My family owns a cow dairy farm, and along with the cattle and goats, we also have a horse, a donkey, two ferrets, four dogs, five cats, and three rescued rats. So, in other words, we run a small zoo. (Just took three of the dogs and one cat to the vet this morning, :hammer: talk about a car full).

    Our cow dairy is consists of mainly cross-breeds (Holstien, Jersey, Angus), and I am looking to add some Gurnsey blood into the mix. Cross-breeding has become an interest of mine, and I am looking to do some of this with my goats as well.

    That's about it for now ttyl!
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    Wow.... you do have your hands full for sure ...but in a good way... :thumb: ... Welcome to TGS ...we love having you here.... :wave: hope to see pics soon.... :wink:
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