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Hello from North Dakota

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Ever since I can remember, I've had some sort of animal. Usually a dog - at least in my adult life.
I moved from Minnesota to Joplin, Missouri. A lot of things happened, including my dad was in a farming accident, then my family and I was in the tornado, my grandmother died, so I asked my dad if I could return to Devils Lake, ND - the family farm. He had gotten rid of most of the animals save the chickens, geese, ducks, dogs and cats. We've now grown to that plus horses, goats, sheep and a lone cow that the mother wouldn't take care.
I really count on my dad to help with knowledge but have learned a lot from looking things up on the internet and my books. I simply love my goats. I have Ipsey (from Ypselanti), my Nubian. I have two Toggenburg goats, Bambi and Flurry. Flurry is my escape artist. She watches the dogs and how they get in and out and she does the same. I have Buddy, who is down right now. I am hoping to save him. We are going to build a sling tonight and put him in it. I am going to Wing to pick up another Nubian Billy.
I have Cocoa, Blamama, and Mama, my Katahdin breed sheep. I kept my bottle lamb - Ellie Grace and have Conrad my cow looking ram.
Then there is Revlon - my black angus cow who is now a lawn ornament and doesn't understand why she has to be out in the barn with the animals when surely she is just like me and deserves to be in the house.
There is Jasmin, my quarter horse/Arabian mix. Beautiful horse. We are housing someone's horse - Durango, which I ride and take care of also.
Among the mix are the dogs - Patches, Max, Mocha (a pain the behind youngster) and my dog, Chalupa - Chihuahua. We can Kat and Kitty, two indoor/outdoor cats. Then two more outdoor cats which my dad never named. We have ducks, geese, lots of chickens that are pretty tame and are free roaming. Although last year, we lost a lot of chickens to coyotes, this year, so far so good.
I have three daughters. One is in Minnesota, my middle child is in higher education to be a teacher, and my youngest is in college to be something in finance.
I work at the local hospital and also on the reservation as a teacher. I am currently in school full time to receive my North Dakota teacher's license. Between the two jobs, school and the farm, I am busy, but loving it.
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wow! you're quite the busy lady!! welcome to the forum! glad to have you here!
You sure are a busy woman, welcome to TGS!
Welcome to TGS!
Welcome, glad you are here :)
Me too! Everyone here has been great! Thank you to everyone
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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