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Hello from Oklahoma

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1st post, but have been lurking and reading old threads and learning tons. We've had Nubian dairy goats soon to be a year, and prior to that spent 6-8 months researching and visiting various farms to decide what breeds we liked and what we thought would work best for us.
We decided on Nubies and purchased the first two right after they kidded last January, as the breeder pulls and bottle feeds, so we've been milking those two plus two more we purchased early summer. Also have bought two doelings this fall that I plan on breeding late Dec. with the buck we purchased in Sept. The first four hopefully should already be bred.
So we are anxiously looking forward to babies and know we are going to have questions galore!
Thanks for letting us be a part of this great group.
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Welcome, glad you are here. :)
Welcome to TGS!
Welcome, to TGS, you will find people are wonderful hear and so very helpful and friendly. I live in Wyoming but am and Okie born and raised. Ive only been on here for a lil over 2-3 months and have learned more then I could in any book or school in the same amount of time. Hope to see picture's of your beauties soon!
Warm welcome and best wishes! :welcome:
Welcome Off Our Rocker Ranch, what a great farm name!
welcome from central Texas...I agree great name!!
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