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    Hi there! My name is Abi. I’m a new and excited goat owner! My boyfriend gifted 2 billy goats (now wethers) to me for Christmas. While I’ve owned horses for 10 years and know them well, goats are proving to be fairly different — especially when it comes to interacting with them! I have 2 goats, a 2.5 month old Nigerian Dwarf names Leo and a 6.5 month old fainting goat named Boris. Leo had little people interaction in the beginning of his life, so I’m working on socializing him...which is a little tricky with his shy and timid personality. Boris is more handled but not 100% in love with me yet either. I’ve only had them for 3 weeks, so there’s lots of work to put in still but I’m all for it! I had the vet out already to neuter, give shots, and deworm. Lookin forward to learning lots in this online community! Thank you!

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    Welcome to TGS!
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    Welcome, glad you are here.

    Nice goaties. :)