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    Jun 5, 2017
    I thought I should introduce myself but I also have some questions I was hoping others might help me answer. My family and I have 32 acres of property in Northeastern PA that we plan to turn into a homestead. We wanted to get goats for the purposes of milk, cheese, and soap primarily, use what we need and hopefully make a profit from the excess. We've settled on Nigerian Dwarfs as our breed of choice and they'll be coming soon.

    The breeder I'll be getting them from has dual registration with ADGA and AGS but I only plan on registering mine with the ADGA. Most of the information I've found online is outdated and I've already called the ADGA this morning, trying to get a better idea of how the registration process works. From what I understand I'll need to get a membership, a herd name, correlating tattoo, and a PIN. I've looked at the forms on their website, and decided that coming up with a herd name needs to happen first so I can then come up with appropriate tattoo choices to fill in the membership form. Preferably I would like to submit all the paperwork at the same time if I can. Upon speaking to the ADGA, it seems that there is no way to know what names are available or which are in use. But I've seen others saying that you can check a directory to find active or inactive herd names. Is this directory still a place I can check? Do I need to become a member before having the option to see active/inactive names? I've looked though the pedigree section of the ADGA site with some possible ideas for herd names but that hasn't really helped. I've also read that herd names can't be too similar to each other. Can anyone give me an idea of how the ADGA determines whether one name is too close to another? Sorry this post is so long-winded, but I appreciate any and all help.
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    I don't know anything about those registries but welcome to TGS!

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    Welcome, glad you are here. :)

    Hopefully someone will chime in soon, on your question.
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    You have to be a member to get see the directory. Pretty sure you have to be a member before getting your herd name registered as well. I would go ahead and name your farm, then become a member and get your tattoo initials. You can shorten or abbreviate your name as needed if it isn't available as a herd name. Our farm is Green T Homestead - my first pick for a herd name was Green T, then The Green T. Green T wasn't available and I quickly learned that you can't have "the" in front of your name (it is put in front of names of goats registered without a herd name). GreenT wasn't available either. Anyways, my herd name is Green T Goats.

    Welcome to TGS :)

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    Join ADGA as an individual.
    Figure out what your name is and look under pedigrees and see if you see any with that name.
    Then submit herd name and tattoo.

    Good luck on that " make a profit from the excess"
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    Jun 5, 2017
    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and information! :smile:
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