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My wife and I have a small farm in coastal southern NJ. Along with chickens, horses, and bees, we have 5 goats, all does. Our first is a Nigerian Dwarf, who is basically a pet. We have four others, all high percentage Boers, which I bought just weaned over the past two years. I use these four to clear brush and poison ivy, etc at the golf course where I work full time. They are a hit there - the members love them! During the growing season I take them to work with me most days, bringing them home each afternoon. During the other months, they have a permanent pen and shelter, and pasture. Basically, all five are spoiled. Unfortunately, we lost two others over the years - one from unknown causes, and the other from anemia/ bottle jaw caused by barber pole worms. Having no goat vet in the area, we have learned the hard way, and now do our own fecal counts, etc. Most of what we have learned, and why our five goats are doing well now is pretty much because of reading the forums here, along with a few good goat books and websites. So, I would like to turn this introduction into a big Thank You, as everyone here has already helped us along the way.
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