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My wife and I are new to living in farm country and decided we liked goat milk. We also got some chickens and after a couple of months here the chickens were free roaming in the afternoon and I guess it was a dog that came in the afternoon and had its way killing 10 of the 14. We and the kids were heartbroken to say the least and have since gotten a great Pyrenees puppy that I am assured will be the end of that sort of thing in about 8 months....

I tell that story because we are totally city folk and I am very grateful for a site like this....

Goat dairy farm just down the road set us up with a momma and 3 kids... (the kids love the kids and are just on loan) she will be ours to keep with another young lady that later we will get her pregnant and have a net of 2 milking goats. This is the perfect indoctrination for us since we are so new to all of this and we do have the dairy people coaching us. All of the goats are locked in a nice goat house at night impenetrable by predators that might climb the fence.

I just got an email from this site telling me to get my butt in gear and go introduce myself because I had not done anything here since I registered and I am grateful for that to be reminded of this fine community. Of course we fell in love with the goats right away and are so grateful to watch the antics of the kids! I set up a ramp inside their pen (plank on the ground on one end and a saw horse on the other screwed together and screwed to a fence post and they love it)

Never milked a goat but that is coming;).

Thank you administrators for a great site.:leap:

Jim and Darla
Castle Valley, Utah (near Moab)
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