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    Oct 5, 2007
    hi all,
    Sorry I havent been on in a while been busy up to my head with school work and trying to move my goats home. I have to apply for a permit in order to keep them because of zoning laws which are older than me. We had the first hearing and It looks like I will be only be allowed to keep under 10 animals. I mean we have a good sized lot for this town 2.5 acres, which could support this many goats plus possibly more. I really dont know what to do, I want to keep my goats which I currently board but I don't want to limit myself so much that I cant keep any babies that are to be born.(I have one doe due at the end of the month). People are telling me just apply for the animals I already have and don't breed anymore. But then how will the herd support itself. If I wanted to get into this busness for pets then I would have but I dident, I love showing and its now stuck in my blood and it would break my heart not to be able to show anymore. I have already decided that I am selling my buck. I currently have 4 goats 3 does and a buck, but I board so the buck isnt alone. And whats worse is I only have till July to move my goats. Sorry for the rant but it has been bugging me and I knew you guys would understand. If you were in my cituation what whould you do? would you apply for the four goats knowing that you have babies due in less then a week? or would you apply for 10 so you can keep any babies or if you want to expand slightly?
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    Oct 21, 2010
    JMO.....I would apply for the 10 so I would have the option to keep babies or expand if I wanted to do so.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I would go fro the max number. I have 6 and trying to convince my mom for 7 but that's challenging. Im able to have a show herd with just that many but I have to be very select in who I keep and who I sell.
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    In my city, they dont count the babies that come and will go ... but of course they do count if you keep them...