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Hello everyone :) Many of you may have known me as RMADairyGoats. I no longer have Nigerians, I gave them all to my mom as I wanted to just focus on my standard LaManchas and hopefully soon to be Alpines, so figured I'd create a new account and start fresh :) For those of you who don't know me, I currently have a herd of five. A LaMancha herdsire, Mint*Leaf Flirt'N With Fire, a three year old LaMancha doe, South-Fork Sweet Home Alabama, a Jr. LaMancha doe, Mint*Leaf Fresh Off The Runway, and two 75% Grade Alpines, MLGH SQM Lucy and MLGH SFF Lisa. I plan on AIing both my grades to Redwood Hill's Tribute Sailor*B for Spring kids. Any resulting doe kids will be American Alpines. I hope they each give me a doe kid to retain to start off my Alpine breeding program. :) I also have a doeling reservation (LaMancha) on one of my favorite does of all time, SG Vineyard View Rhone SurfurGirl 3*M. :D

Here are some pictures of my sweet girls :)
South-Fork Sweet Home Alabama ~ My favorite goat ever!
Fawn Terrestrial animal Snout Livestock Tail

Fence Collar Working animal Sleeve Carnivore

Mint*Leaf Fresh Off The Runway
Dog breed Plant Carnivore Dog Gesture

MLGH SQM Lucy ~ 75% Alpine
Dog Collar Dog breed Fence Pet supply

Dog breed Fawn Terrestrial animal Carnivore Adaptation

MLGH SFF Lisa ~ 75% Alpine
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Plant Fawn

My buck, Mint*Leaf Flirt'N With Fire as a young kid.
Dog breed Terrestrial animal Fence Snout Tail


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