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I had a super slow growing Nigerian Dwarf. I basically stuffed her with calf manna every morning and evening, in addition to her usual free choice hay and normal grain ration. She held at the 30lb mark for the longest time. I kept her on a coccidia preventative every 21, in case she was more sensitive to them.

She actually wasn't big on grain at ALL. I had to separate her, so she'd eat her grain, or else she'd run and snarf on the morning hay instead. Probably why she grew slowly, eating mostly hay and not anything more nutrition dense. In hindsight, I should have given just her alfalfa hay first thing in the morning.

She hit a growth spurt this past spring, just past her 1st birthday. She went from 30lbs to 48 prettty quickly! She is still a petite looking girl, but filled in, sleek, and lady-like. I would have not bred her if she never reached the 45lb mark. She'd have just been an expensive pet, since I love her to death.

She actually just had a date on Sunday with my buck. In a month I'll draw blood and see if she took!
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