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Help at Wits End

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Does anyone have any advice on how to treat this? I have been fighting it for almost 6 months now. It started as a small patch on her udder and has now spread to her ears. Our local vet admits that he doesnt know alot about goats and said it is a fungus and gave me some anti fungal pills and I gave them to her for four months, it would clear up but as soon as I stopped the medication it came back the medicine cost me 2.00 a day to give her. I am terrified my other goats are going to end up with it. Another vet I just found recommended iodine baths and I have done that and also to try Listerine. I am up to trying anything now just to get rid of it. She is bred so I am limited on what to give her and not hurt her babies.
Please help, I feel like such a horrible goat mom for not being able to help her. She doesnt seem to be in pain, when I touch it she lets me if she is eating.


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Did anyone do a scrape test on them? I don't have much experience, maybe melaleuca oil or a comfrey type ointment would help if it is a fungus.
Looks like mites gone wrong...

Read this thread thoroughly. Get the ingredients and make the skin mix. You will need to get Gentamicin from the vet. I would apply it once a day though.
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