Help! Doe got bred to her sire!

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by shadycreekgoats, Dec 25, 2010.

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Somehow the buck I'm leasing (turk) got out last night and bred bred Daisy- a march kid out of him & Violet. I was going to take her to be bred to a different buck and retain a doeling from her, but Turk got her. Will it have any negative effects on her or the kids? She is big enough to breed, so that's not a concern. What would you do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!!!
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    I had the same thing happen last year & ended up with some really nice kids that appraised really at the linear appraisal through ADGA. The kids shouldn't be deformed but breedings like this CAN make faults even more drastic in the kids. They can also make the strong points stronger--so you never know until you try :)

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    Had it happen to my doe last year. Kid ended up just fine without issues.

    Some people actually do it on purpose, but they generally know what they're doing (or, on the other end, no clue at all), and worst comes to worst, the kid *is* good for meat...
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    When did it happen?

    Depending on when she was bred....You can get a shot by the vet to stop it......
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    Ditto what Toth said.
    You could wait a month or so, until her next cycle is due and make sure she was bred or not.
    As long as they both have really nice conformation and don't share the same faults, I think the kids will be ok. ;) I think it's called line breeding, and it's ok as long as you don't have the combination of horrible confomation + horrible conformation.

  6. If you really wanted kids by a different buck, then you could always lute whether she comes into heat again or not. It's just a matter of if you are ok with it?
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