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Help! Doe has slight cough and threw up cud

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So my doe in milk hasn't been feeling well lately. She has been picking at her food, and today flat our refused to eat. This morning I gave her some kefir, and homemade electrolytes, then went off to work. I came home, armed with some antiacids, but she won't eat them. after bringing the other goats back, I noticed she had recently thrown up some cud, and has some cud smeared on the walls of her pen.

Her temp this morning was 101, and now it's 102.1. She got up, and looks fairly alert.

All I have on hand are ivomec, B12, red cell, activated charcoal, and other items that can be found in the kitchen. the local vet is, imo, not very good.

what else can I do?
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Can you check her throat to determine any possible blockage?
You'll need a flashlight & a 60cc syringe or sleeve placed sideways in her mouth so she cant amputate your fingers.
tried checking down her throat, and she wasn't too keen on it..... I just saw into her mouth, and didn't see anything.....

I ground up some activated charcoal and tried drenching about 1 tbsp. with water and vit c tab (the fizzy ones). I'm letting her rest a little bit.

I saw her pee, and it was normal colour. there's a poop in her pen, and it also looks fairly normal, SLIGHT clumping, but nothing major.....

for some reason i'm thinking it has something to do with rumen? maybe she ate something poisonous recently? sigh....what else can I do to help? more kefir?
More kefir might be good, is she foaming at the mouth?
A T of act charcoal isn't going to make much difference if it is toxicity you're dealing with. Id do more just in case. Tt's good she's off grain for now.
Is she one of those does who eat too fast?
Do you have C&D antioxin?
not foaming. I found pieces of cud on the hay.

I will give her more kefir and more charcoal. how much charcoal should I be giving her? doesn't hurt to give more vit c, would it?

no antitoxin (went to the feed store, and they didn't even have syringes with needles, or injecting iron, or minerals......)

she's a very picky eater, and eats slowly. but recently, she's been eating about half her grain and picking through it. she's not eating the BOSS....maybe b/c it's mouldy?
ok, got more kefir and more charcoal down her throat (about 1/2 cup kefir, 1/2 cup water, and 1+ tbsp. of charcoal)

gonna give her a bit of a break for now, and hit her up again in an hour or so with more.

I should milk her out too, right?

btw - she thoroughly hates me now.....
:hug: I have nothing helpful to add except my support!
Maybe MOM in place of the CD antitoxin, but maybe that's what the charcoal is being used for, I've just never used charcoal. You may also try rubbing her left side real good too. I pray she gets better soon....
Yes, milk her out. I skipped with my doe and she dried up after that.
Thanks Axykatt!!! I hope Peggy Sue gets better too!!! :hug:

ok, about to do another dosage of kefir/charcoal/water/vit C mixture, and milk her out, then a rub on her left side.
I'm no expert but that's what I would do...:)
Next time around get about 5 of those antacids down her too.
Be generous with that charcoal. When we thought a buck needed it her owner gave the whole tube + a half a cup of veggie oil.
It wasn't purdy coming out the other end but he lived.
When you massage, be vigorous.
Hope she gets better soon!
I just finished that dosage and milked and massaged. she let out a nice long pee

so for next dosage before I go to bed:
- I currently have about 1/4 cup of powdered charcoal, which would make tonight's total up to almost 3/4 cup of powdered charcoal
- 5 antiacids
- 1/2 cup of oil - I have rice bran, coconut, or olive. which would be best?

and more massaging, and trying to tell her this is for her own good while she tries to run away from me...... lol
Is she chewing a cud? ANy rumen sounds or movment? her temp looks good, keep an eye on it...if she does not have any rumen function go ahead and give the MOM as well..15 cc per 60# this will help push any toxins out..offer electorlytes to encourage drinking as well..
I think I would choose cocoanut oil myself. It's not quite so nasty.
when I was milking, she looked like she was chewing cud. I heard chewing, sounded a littler harsher than usual (think she's just been eating hay), I watched her and there was swallowing, then something came back up, more chewing. I heard SOME movement, but not much. she won't drink the electrolyte water I left out for her all day, now I have regular water.

currently don't have MOM, and the stores are now closed...... will look tmr if she doesn't change.

good thing is she's still fighting me hard, AND she looks really alert.
I think she would like the taste of coconut oil better goats love it..

The charcole should help her as well...the MOM will help flush it..hopefully by morning she will be feeling better...
if you fear sure to check her grain, and hay source..Thiamine or fortified B would be good
so, went out to give her the last dosage for the day. I think she cringed when she saw me. she wasn't happy about it, but she swallowed most of that tar-like liquid.

after I finished and looked like I work at the tar sands, I gave her a massage. she burped a few times (thank goodness!). then I brought her some hay and she started munching.

i'm sending out good vibes for her to feel like her meanie self tomorrow, and eat like a champion!
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