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Help! Doe has slight cough and threw up cud

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So my doe in milk hasn't been feeling well lately. She has been picking at her food, and today flat our refused to eat. This morning I gave her some kefir, and homemade electrolytes, then went off to work. I came home, armed with some antiacids, but she won't eat them. after bringing the other goats back, I noticed she had recently thrown up some cud, and has some cud smeared on the walls of her pen.

Her temp this morning was 101, and now it's 102.1. She got up, and looks fairly alert.

All I have on hand are ivomec, B12, red cell, activated charcoal, and other items that can be found in the kitchen. the local vet is, imo, not very good.

what else can I do?
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I would give the kefir twice a day. Yes, I would do it all twice a day until she is back. I hope she gets better for you quickly.
1 - 2 of 74 Posts
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