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Thanks for the info, we already had one of the kiddy pools in the chicken area that was there when we got it. But so far they wont go in the coop. We often get free the bagged salads you can by at the store that they no longer want, (NOT MOLDED or anything I make sure its all good) and feed to the chickens and the goats for a snake here and there. The day we got the goats we happened to get a whole box full of them so we put it all out like we normally do, it was gone within a few minutes with the ducks , compaired to the hours it normally does with Just chickens. My main concern right now is we live in Wyoming and last night we had a few inches of snow, the day before was beautiful, I live in a trailer so I cant afford my pipes to freeze up and I don't think leaving the water hose on would keep from freezing in some of the -negative temps we get. SO Im worried I wouldn't be able to get them enough water threw out the winter. :(
I'd suggest getting a heated hose. You plug it in 20 or so minutes before you actually want to use it, so it can thaw out.

OR you can drain the hose every night. Unhook it, then walk along the hose, raising it up high as you go. When you reach the end, repeat so as to get all the water out.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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