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I just acquired a 18 month old Huge Nubian whether...which I love. I'm really at a loss for what to do with him though.
He came from the city where he was raised in a small pen with 4 other Does...fed costal/alphalfa hay and a couple of pounds of sweet feed a day. He is a HUGE healthy boy...but afraid of everything here. I am on 30 acres and have , horses cattle, chickens, a couple of dogs, and 6 head of goats. The herd quickly began pushing him around and even the smallest kid enjoys bullying him (which looks really funny). My herd goes out and forages daily... Not expecting him to take the change very well I separated him so he could eat more like he's used to with out being pushed around...he is SO far I have tried 3 types of feed...the last one he nibbles at unless I'm holding it for him to eat( I don't think his previous owner held his food for him)lol!. He will eat his coastal hay ok but picks at the alfalpha. I took him out to a tree thinking he would surely not touch it...but he devoured the long as I picked them for him. If the leaves are out of his reach he does not lift his feet off the ground to retrieve them...he will just look at them. If they fall on the ground, he will not eat them either. I had to break off large branches and hang them with in reach in his stall. I put my most timid Doe with him trying to get them to bond. He is afraid of her ofcourse.
He will follow me anywhere and today I climbed on a large wood pile (my herd loves to jump on ) and he walked all the way around to get as close to me as he could but refused to climb to me:confused: Im beginning to think he doesn't know he is a goat. I'm a bit afraid to make him tough it out wondering if he will just waste away instead of fitting in with my herd-like a goat. or if perhaps he knows just what he is doing and is just manipulating me??
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