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Any time I bring home a new goat I pen him/her up in a pen that joins fence with the others..I allow them to get to now each other safely and with as less stress as possible..after a week or so I allow visits with me there to be sure they dont get bullied too much...some pushing is necessary to establish pecking order..usually with in a week or so everyone is running together..there will always be a few bullies but he will learn quickly who to stay away from and who to take a nap with... I too like to add a smaller goat in with a new they can bond and he will have a hanging out buddy when he is let out with the others. as for feeding...he, as a wether does not need grain... its fine in moderation, but he wont starve without it and can actually be healthier..Balnce of 2:1 of Calcium: phophorus is needed to maintain healthy balance and prevent Urinary Calculi..As long as he eat coastal and some alfalfa he should be just fine...I have never , ever heard of a goat starving themselves..(unless they are ill of course) Goats love to eat..Give him time and space and soon he will be a wonderful part of your herd...a little extra TLC never hurts either ;)
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