HELP! Goat newb dealing w/coccidia!

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    Jul 6, 2015
    I own two wethered nubian kids. They are about 3.5-4 months old, and have been at my home for a little over a week. After noticing diarrhea, I contacted my vet and brought in stool samples. Both goats have "some of the worse coccidia (she has) ever seen." At first I thought "holy cow, I've ruined these babies" but the vet reassured me that some coccidia is a normal occurrence, however the stress of weaning and new environments can let it get out of control (my goats are SO isolated from all animals except for one roaming rooster, and their water source is fresh from the tap). I purchased electrolytes and Corid to treat, and have run into some confusion...

    How much Corid do I give them, and by which route?? My vet said I might have to force it into them due to poor taste, which sounds like drenching. Then I'm confused if I dilute the medication or not. Also, whether I use drenching or mix it in their water the directions call for like 50-100 gallons of water! I'm good with math, but these are TWO 25lb goats - the math comes out to like .3oz of medication. Is this correct? How and how much have others fed their kids? I'm so confused and REALLY don't want these goats to die.

    Dispite a severe diagnosis, they are lively (eating, walking, jumping, crying) - though I have been sitting with them for an hour and have not seen them drink any water. Ugh....HELP!
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    Cocci is pretty normal unless the former owner had done the cocci prevention protocol. All goats have the cocci parasites in their intestines but their immune system keeps them in check. Kids have very little immunity against them until older and they develop their own immune system after the passive immunity from mom fades away. This outbreak is nothing that you did wrong, stress causes the little cocci critters to multiply out of control.

    I don't use Corid, so I can't help you. I use Baycox on my babies. I also majorly stink at math, so again, I am absolutely NO help! Sorry.

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    Mixing Corid powder:

    Dosage: Mix (10.5 Tbsn) or 3 oz powder per 1 qt water
    A smaller batch can be made, by cutting it in half. ect

    Then dose it at ...
    30cc per 100lbs
    15cc per 50lbs
    7.5 per 25 lbs

    Treat each individual goat for 5 days 1 x a day.

    Mixing undiluted Corid liquid:

    Dosage: Mix 6 tablespoons corid to 16 oz water. A smaller batch can be made, by cutting it in half.

    Then dose it at ...
    30cc per 100lbs
    15cc per 50lbs
    7.5 per 25 lbs

    treat individually for 5 days 1x a day

    Stress does trigger worms and/ or cocci.

    They do hate the taste, but it helps cure cocci, drenching is best, to ensure proper dosage for each.
    Give it very slowly at the back corner of their mouth. Give breaks if they cough and wait until they stop before proceeding.
    Not sure what corid you have? Did the vet already dilute it or is it undiluted as described above, powder or liquid types? This is very important to know.
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    If you have the liquid corid the dosage is 1cc per 4lbs for 5 days. So just over 6cc for your 25lb kids. Do not dilute to get the dosage. But you can mix the 6cc with something tastier (strong juice or cool aid mix) and then drench that.

    What I've done in the past is drawl up the desired dosage amount then draw up like 2-3 cc of something sweet and tasty. Shake the syringe to mix and then dose.